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Discover the islands hidden treasures

3 Hour Shelling trip - $450

4 Hour Shelling trip - $550

Prices include up to 6 passengers

All shelling trips are private and unique

Marco Island is a hidden treasure trove in the popular beach combing scene. There are numerous beaches located in the 10,000 Islands NWR that are bountiful in the shelling treasure that beach combers seek. People often are on the search for the ever elusive Junonia, which get found often enough to keep people coming back year after year for their chance in winning the shelling jackpot! These shelling trips can also include time spent sightseeing and wildlife viewing. Private trips allow us to make multiple stops and cater each shelling experience to every group.

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What to Bring

-Shell bags and digging tools

-Sunscreen (please no spray)



-Any extra snacks or beverages (alcohol is permitted) there is always room in the cooler if you need. We can provide an extra cooler at no charge.


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