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let capt will take care of you

Operating a boat can be a full time job on the water and some times you want to just enjoy a day with out the responsibility. Let Capt Will's experience on the water make your day easy. We can offer anything from an easy cruise around the island to day trips to local destinations. If fishing is your thing Capt Will has the know how and will put you on the fish! Getting around in the back water and catching fish can be difficult but not today. With the right boat Capt Will can take you offshore for grouper, snapper and many other reef species. Maybe a couple of days fishing for tuna and mahi in the keys has always been a dream... we can make that happen! 


Leave the details to capt will

Capt Will can take care of all the planning for a special trip on YOUR boat. If you have guests in town that you want to share a special experience with and still want to have the freedom to hang out with everyone this is for you. 


There are numerous day-trip destinations in South Florida that you may not be aware of. Capt Will will show you and your guests a day to remember with stops at any location you like. No outing is too small!


If fishing is your thing, Capt Will can put you on the fish. He will take care of setting up the boat for the day. He can bring tackle if needed and is always there to help if you want to bring your own. Capt Will has the knowledge of the water to fill up the cooler. 

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